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  Most runs in debut match  
u Hundreds  
  Most hundreds in career  
  Fastest hundreds  
u Nineties  
  Most nineties in career  
u Fifties  
  Most fifties in career  
  Fastest fifties  
u Twenty fives  
  Most twenty fives in career  
u Ducks  
  No ducks in career  
  Fewest ducks in career  
  Most ducks in career  
  Duck on debut  
u Boundaries  
  Most sixes in career  
  Most fours in career  
  Most sixes in an innings  
  Most fours in an innings  
  Most runs from fours and sixes in an innings  
u Long Innings  
  Longest individual innings (by balls)  
  Highest percentage of runs in a completed innings  
u Dismissals  
  Dismissed by the first ball of a match  
  Most dismissals on the first ball  
  Unusual dismissals  
u Fastest career runs  
  Fastest to 100 runs  
  Fastest to 200 runs  
  Fastest to 300 runs  
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