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u Batting and bowling  
  1000 runs and 100 wickets  
  500 runs and 50 wickets  
  250 runs and 25 wickets  
  100 runs and 10 wickets in a tournament  
  A hunded and four wickets in an innings  
  A fifty and three wickets in an innings  
  Opening the batting and bowling in the same match  
u Batting, bowling and fielding  
  100 runs, 10 wickets and 10 catches  
u Batting and wicketkeeping  
  1000 runs and 100 wicketkeeping dismissals   
  250 runs and 25 wicketkeeping dismissals   
  100 runs and 10 wicketkeeping dismissals in a tournament  
  A thirty and three dismissals in an innings  
u Batting and fielding  
  250 runs and 25 fielding dismissals  
  Dukhan Cricket Cup  
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