Surrounded by the Jebel Hills on the one side and the Arabian Gulf on the other, the oil township of Dukhan has added another feather to its cap. Dukhan now has the first “green cricket ground” in the state of Qatar. Patronised by the OM(D) Syed Ahmed Saif Al Sulaiti as part of the greening of the Dukhan area, Managed by Syed Jassim Al Kuwari, the Community services Manager and supported by Syed Sultan Al Abdulla Chairman Dukhan Sports Committee, Dukhan has been successfully maintaining this green pitch for the last two years. The Dukhan Internal Cricket Tournament was kicked off on 13 October 2003 as part of the “Inauguration” of this green pitch. The outfield is really grassy and players have no hesitation in diving for taking catches or fielding the ball. Many excellent catches have been taken on this ground. The first Chairman's Cup was held last year, with 12 teams from Qatar's energy sector participating and this year the Second Chairman's Cup is underway from 18th March 2006. With 16 teams participating, the round robin stage is under way with the teams subdivided into four groups of four teams each. The tournament will move into the Quarter Finals , Semifinals and Finals in the coming weeks, with the Finals slated for 22nd April 2006.


With the picturesque setting in Dukhan, it becomes a nice outing and picnic for the families of the visiting teams, who enjoy the game as much as the setting.


The Dukhan Management through the Organising Committee has been extending its hospitality to all visitors and residents with availability of spectator stand, refreshments and lucky draws during the finals.











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