Year 4s 6s
2005 94 90
2006 267 136
2007 259 251
2008 277 295
2009 346 247


6th Chairmains cup starts in 26th Feburary, draw on the 13th Feb at 10:00 hrs, groups will be published after te captian's meeting
The Dukhan operations team won the fifth Chairman’s Cup Cricket Tournament conducted by Qatar Petroleum at Dukhan. The prize distribution ceremony was held after the finals on Saturday between Dukhan Operations and QP Gas Operations teams. The Acting Director Operations Mr. Eid Mubarak Al-Muhannadi was chief guest and gave away the trophy to the winning team. The Runners-up trophy was given away by the guest of Honor Mr. Nasser J. Al Kuwari, Acting Operations Manager, Dukhan...more
Dukhan Internal TournamenT Winners
Enjoy your Cricket. After Ramadan, the Internal tournament 2009 starts. Take your chance to bowl out a renowned Dukhan player or even hit some sixes off some of them. Everyone will get a chance to bat. And if you can bowl reasonably, you will get a chance to try your hand at that....more

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Teams Line-up for Title Clash...
The weatherman (to be politically correct weatherperson) for once was nearly on the dot. There were no matches of Friday and true to expectations came the light drizzle which lasted through the day, rather intermittently. The excellent draining mechanism on the Dukhan grounds ensured there was no water logging. Thus the Saturday dawned with a slightly moist outfield, mainly due to the overnight dew, but the sun beating down, which would help the ground to dry quickly. This is common in Dukhan for the morning match. It was not expected of the MRI ball to swing or do any such thing, but it would get heavy. This would make bowling difficult, with bowlers likely to pitch short, but the batsmen would find the going equally tough to put it away over the boundary. Hence as far as advantage to any team, it would be quits. The heavier built players stood to advantage. Thus the quarter-finals began with a rather “heavy” atmosphere, with no winds and the weather getting hot. The bottom line in such conditions is – is there a safety issue? Since there was none, the matches had to be played “as is”...more
Teams Continue to Battle for Top Spots in League Stage...
The clouded state of the league stage group standings to move into the quarter-finals disappeared, but not the clouds over the Dukhan Cricket Field. As a finale to the league stage, came the rains, resulting in some firsts. For the first time in the annals of the Chairman’s cup, a match had to be called off. The no-result affair between the Dukhan teams (Operations & Community) though a non-event for the standings, was another first event. The Community team for the first time scored one point, courtesy of nature. Another first, which happened in the morning was the Corporate Training team won their first match and consequently their first points. And to commemorate these first, a colourful rainbow spanned the sky in the ev...more
Most Valuable Player (MVP)
Right through the tournament, will track the emerging "Most Valuable Player" score. It won't surprise us if the eventual player of the series is also Most Valuable Player!!!

To guess who might become the “Most Valuable Player” at the 5th Chairman’s Cup, we looked at how leading players have performed in their last 4 Chairman’s Cup Matches. Run Outs were not considered in this list because it’s not easy to obtain the names of the fielders participating in a dismissal from the available Data Archives.

The Ranking of the Top 100 Players based on their performance is shown under the Ranking Page.

Who are your MVPs for the 5th Chairman’s Cup?
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The Tournament Begins...
The CRICKET Season is here and the eagerly awaited Annual event, got underway on Friday 27th February 2009 with the first eight matches played over the weekend. The tournament was inaugurated by Mr.Khalid Yousuf Al-Sahlawi, Manager, Community services Department and Mr. Nayef Al-Kubaisi, President, Dukhan Sports Committee. The tournament coordinator Mr. Lakhani welcomed all teams participating in the tournament and thanked the QP Management for their support. He paid special mention of Sd. Ahmed Saif Al-Sulaiti, Operations Manager (Dukhan), Sd. Khalid Al-Sahlawi, Manager Community Services and Mr. Nayef Al-Kubaisi, Chairman of Dukhan Sports Committee for their continued support for the game of cricket in Dukhan. The tournament played over six weekends, is in a league format of five teams in four groups battling it out for the top two group places and followed by a knockout system from the quarter-finals stage.

The newly re-laid concrete pitch and green ground provided an inviting arena for the playing teams. The first day’s matches took place in ideal climatic conditions with the starting contest overshadowed by the overnight dew. The second days play however was engulfed by dusty and windy conditions. The enthusiasm for the game prevailed over the climate and all matches took place in the best spirit of the game. - S.S.Narayanan.
Get Hooked to Dukhan for Cricket...
QP announces the organizing of the Chairman’s Cup Cricket Tournament at DUKHAN for the fifth consecutive year for Oil & Gas Companies. The tournament which has proved to be extremely popular with Oil & Gas cricket fans in Qatar is scheduled to start on FRIDAY February 27, 2009 at the Dukhan Cricket Stadium.

The only “Green & Grassy” cricket ground in Qatar will be a buzz of activity when 20 teams clash for the coveted Chairman’s Cup, thanks to the support and patronage of the QP Dukhan Operations Management mainly Operations Manager Ahmed Saif Al-Sulaiti, Community Services Manager Khalid Al-Sahlawi, Dukhan Sport Committee President Nayef Al-Kubaisi and Tournament Coordinator Aun Ali Lakhani.

Nayef Al-Kubaisi said: "We are delighted to organise the cricket tournament for the fifth consecutive year. Cricket is a popular game in the community and it encourages collaboration and teamwork, which we believe are important values to promote within the community." The addictive game played in soft ball format gives “oldies” an avenue to pursue their passion for the game in a slightly less challenging conditions. The constant increase in the number of teams vouches for its popularity. - S.S.Narayanan.
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